Putting Communities Before Criminals


  • Repeal Cashless Bail and Less is More Act
  • Remove District Attorneys who don’t enforce the law
  • Amend Raise the Age to give judges more discretion in Adolescent Offender cases
  • Give judges discretion when setting bail
  • Increase penalties on looting businesses
  • Enact a Law Enforcement Bill of Rights
  • Hire additional police officers statewide
  • Oppose any effort to Defund the Police
  • Keep qualified immunity


  • Set prison populations based on crimes committed instead of political calculations
  • Repurpose closed correctional facilities rather than leave them abandoned, unused, and deteriorating
  • Repeal the HALT Solitary Confinement Act
  • Provide economic assistance to communities affected by closures
  • Hire more correctional officers and improve the ratio to inmates
  • Appoint a New NYS DOCCS Commissioner
  • Commission a violence study in New York State prisons that would also identify additional recommended improvements 


  • Overhaul the Board of Parole/Parole Hearing process
  • Require unanimous decisions by Parole Commissioners when granting parole
  • Replace members of the Parole Board who have expressed poor judgment
  • Require consideration of 3rd party testimony from victims and victims’ families
  • Enhance notification of Parole Board hearings
  • Establish a process for victims and victims’ families to appeal parole decisions
  • Require Composition of Board of Parole Commissioners to be fairly structured, including victims advocates and law enforcement